Accident-Preparedness: Tips to Prepare for Car Accident

Accident-Preparedness: Tips to Prepare for Car Accident

Road accidents are unfortunate and unnecessary happenings of your travel time. Not all car accidents result in minor injuries, but some prove to be fatal. Astonishing stats reveal “1.3 million people die each year as a result of road crashes with an average of 3700 death ratio a day”. Most drivers fall prey to mishaps as they don’t prepare for a car accident.

Probably you may be not a victim of an accident till now. But how could you say an accident can never happen to you?

Car accidents are likely to occur whenever you are on the road. From slight injuries to traumas, or from being disabled to death, anything can happen to you. But it doesn’t mean to worry.

The purpose of these stats and warnings is to make you realize the importance of preparations. No doubt accidents can ever occur after your preparation.

But if you prepare for a road accident before it’s happening, it will give you the sense to handle the situation and incident in a better way. Regardless of the city and your car type, adopt these accident preparedness tips for your security.

These proven and fact-based tips will help you to prepare for a car accident.


Ensure the Insurance of Your Car

Car insurance is an easy way to prepare for car accident. Buy the car insurance according to your budget or vehicle type. It will secure your budget to markup the losses.

Know what is kind of your car insurance. Will it secure your losses or give you the claim of collisions? Basically, the insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle in case of personal accidents or may provide the services in their garage.

Must keep the insurance documents in the glove box of your car. Highlight the number of their person to contact in case of an accident. Make them know the loss to cover according to their policy guidelines.


Drive Defensively and with Care

Would you like to know the number one and major cause of car accidents? Definitely, it is the rash and reckless driving behind the car accidents.

Most drivers make rash driving either due to offensive mood or in a drunk state. You should defensively drive the car to possibly avoid accidents. It is a bonus tip to keep the car updated with all the things that are new and working.

Don’t use the outdated and old models that are crippled. Ensure that the brakes are working.

Don’t make distracted driving as it is an easy way of getting accidents. Focus on the road and drive with complete care.

Be a wise man, resist taking phone calls or any other distracting actions.



Keep Emergency Kit

You may get entangled in a storm or may have a collision in the barren land. It will be difficult to have instant help in that scenario.

An emergency kit will serve as your best companion then. You can quickly prepare an emergency kit in no time. Keep the flashlights, batteries, and first-aid-kit in the car.

Have water and non-perishable food in the emergency kit. Additionally, keep the mobile charger in the kit. So you can easily contact for emergency help.

Or you can also have a notepad of essential contacts in the kit. The emergency kit is a step to prepare for a car accident. From survival to help, you can avail of anything from the kit.


Maintain the Safe Distance

Imagine the probabilities of getting the car accidents. If you are driving fast and have not maintained a safe distance, unfortunately, in the next moment you will be at the mercy of a terrifying smash or crash.

In case of sudden mishaps, maintaining a safe distance will give you the time to recover and to resist the accident. If you want to prepare for a car accident, maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle.

The rule of thumb is to maintain a distance of three seconds with the following car or other vehicles.

In simple words, a three-second is a time to potentially react either to stop or to change direction to avoid accidents. You can calculate the safe distance by a stationary object like a tree or pole.

Must maintain the safe distance by the three-second rule.



Be Calm and Vigilant Driver

After adopting all the preparations, what to do if the accident occurs? Accidents can also occur even after adopting preventive measures. But you may get slight damage: recoverable.

First thing is to keep yourself calm and peaceful after the accident. If the collider tries to hide from the point of incidence, show you are a vigilant driver.

Recover your senses and note the number, color, or model of the car. In case of a severe condition, immediately leave the car, if you are in the position to dive out.

Try to help and assist the other victims, if there are. Then take some emergency health care from your first-aid-kit. And then contact for help.


There is no panacea for the car accident preparations. All the measures from distance to emergency kit are meant to avoid and resist the possible occurrence of accidents.

Be mindful and keep an eye on the measures to prepare for the car accident. As accidents occur without warning, don’t wait for signals or indications and prepare for anything at your best.


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So that’s it for my guide to prepare for the car accident.

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