5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need To Know

5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need to Know

Self-defense is the act of defending yourself when someone tries to harm or attack you. Self-defense moves or techniques are legal in legislation. More specifically if we talk about women, self-defense strategies are inevitable for every woman to know. Stats show that in 2019, 406,970 women were sexually assaulted or raped in the United States. By keeping in mind all the scenarios, self-defense for women is a key to survive the condition of attack or sexual assault. There is no guarantee for your next step, what will happen either we will be saved or may be attacked by someone.  Learning self-defense strategies will give power and confidence to women to protect themselves from harm. A study from the University of Oregon found that women participating in self-defense classes feel more positive, confident, and know all the strategies to protect themselves.

If you feel a strange fear of attack or assault while walking lonely in street, you must learn these moves or techniques of self-defense for women.


1. Attack Vulnerable Parts

This is the primary and basic strategy every woman needs to know. Keep in mind, whenever you come across such a situation, keep your confidence level high. Then you can attack the vulnerable areas like the eyes, nose, throat, knees, and groin. These are the easily targeted areas regardless of the power of the attacker. One easy strategy is to hit the knees with your full power as it will lay down the attacker. During this phenomenon, you can call out for help. Attacking vulnerable areas will be fruitful and impactful as you can easily do it with great efficiency.





2. Attacking the Adam’s Apple

If you are attacked and you don’t know what to do and which move will be effective, attacking Adam’s apple will ensure your survival. Hit Adam’s apple with your fist or fingers, it will give you time to escape as the attacker will feel difficulty in breathing. If you hit with full power, it can even break Adam’s apple causing suffocation for the attacker.



3. Attack the Groin

Attacking the groin is a basic technique of self-defense for women. If you don’t have help from the surroundings and know basic techniques of self-defense, do a groin attack. It is the most effective technique and allows you to escape from the point of incidence. When the executor is at close range with you, hit the groin with a knee. The executor will be pushed behind and require time to recover his senses. The major thing is to keep yourself in power and confidence to give the attacker a good to shock or move to confront.



4. Elbow Moves

If you are unable to perform an attack on the vulnerable parts and your opponent is trying to cover you, look for an alternative like elbow strikes. Stabilize yourself as much as possible and then slightly push your leg behind to empower you. Then bend your arm and hit the elbow to his mouth, neck, cheeks, or jawline. You can easily target these parts for your self-defense. Consequently, the attacker’s grip will have loosened and you can easily escape. You can perform the elbow movement by rotating your hip to make the move more effective.



5. Defensive Move

The most common technique used by the attacker is to grab the woman from front or behind with his arms so that she could be helpless. The defensive move will allow women to escape in such a situation. If your opponent has grabbed you from front, try to attack the nose or face of the attacker with your hand. Maybe it will not work, don’t get panic, try for another move. Now, pull off the leg of the attacker by bending down, leading the attacker to lose his balance. And you will succeed in dropping down your attacker.



These are just basic self-defense for women techniques and moves which can help a woman to tackle a situation of attack with confidence and power. There is also much more to learn beyond these moves. You can join a class to learn strategies to ensure your protection, safety, and security.

So, that’s all about basic self-defense strategies for women.

Which move will you try preferably, groin kick or attacking Adam’s apple?

Either way, tell me by leaving a comment.

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