19 Trusted Disaster Relief Organizations: You Should Know

Disaster Relief Organizations

Do you know the incredible stats of natural disasters occurring in 2019? According to Statista, there were a total of 409 disasters occurring worldwide in 2019 with the more affected Pacific region. That’s why the role of disaster relief organizations is significant.

A disaster is a naturally occurring catastrophe that severely affects the human population, ecosystem, and economy. It can affect society or a community on a wide scale depending upon its severity. A disaster may be in the form of earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, floods, epidemics, or droughts. During recent years, the ratio of natural disasters is increasing at a greater rate. The reason is the climate changes leading to either droughts or hurricanes. Climate changes influence the disasters that ultimately cause wide-scale destruction and loss to humanity. The natural catastrophes and disasters of 2019 caused about 9000 deaths and affected millions of people.



By considering the whole scenario, there comes the name of disaster relief organizations in our minds and society. Wherever the disaster occurs, these organizations deploy their resources to provide maximum relief and help to affected people. They work to provide shelter, basic hygiene and health conditions, and food to survive in the affected areas. These organizations utilize all their resources and work together with local government or military forces to cope with the severity of the situation. As disasters are natural, they can happen anytime at any place without any warning. You should have basic knowledge of disaster relief organizations either to do charity or for your preparedness.

I have prepared a list of disaster relief organizations; you can contact them in case of disaster prevalence.


International Disaster Relief Organizations

Several renowned disaster relief organizations are working at the international level to provide maximum relief to humanity. These organizations are vigilant to cope with the disaster and to offer recovery and assist the victims. Their teams work immediately and respond within hours. Here are the few best International Organizations:


International Red Cross

From small house fires to large-scale natural disasters, the American Red Cross is working effectively to relieve the victims. They help people suffering from cyclones, earthquakes, famine, or drought with their proficient teams. Basically, they provide shelter like a blanket, hygiene like water, eating like cooking kits, communication, and donations. They also help to reconnect the separating families in the disaster. The Red Cross works efficiently to fulfill the needs of the survivor in the disaster. They deploy all the resources to ensure the maximum possible recovery of the losses in droughts.


Direct Relief International

Direct Relief is an International organization working to improve the condition of people suffering from the disaster. They are on the mission of anywhere and anyone needs it; they are for help. Direct Relief sends their trained medical coups to provide medical resources to vulnerable people. They are still active in the 70 countries and offering their medical services to the affected people. They work with communities to provide better results and to give proper hygiene conditions to save maximum lives.


The React International

Disaster Relief Organization, React International provides relief to the victims of the disaster. They work collectively with the local communities to provide communication facilities. React International deploys and use all the modern technologies to assist the victims with their communication services. They help in traffic control and all the things that the affected communities need. Additionally, they also provide first aid services and assist the local police.


All Hands Volunteers

All hands volunteer provides their services by direct communicating the leaders and community members to markup the temporary and long-term loss of disasters. They basically work to leverage the infrastructure of affected areas. Their trained and professional volunteers work to build more resilient homes and schools. They are on the mission to help people recover in a better way with their smart strategy. The number of 39,000 volunteers makes them an excellent disaster relief organization.


The World Vision

The World Vision is a Global Christian Humanitarian Organization working for the welfare of churches and other communities suffering from the disaster. Their trained volunteers work together with the community members to supply the needs to the needy survivors.


ADRA International

Regardless of ethnicity, color, and the cast of humans, ADRA International provides relief to suffering humanities. They are also a Christian Disaster Relief Organization offering their services in more than 118 countries. Together with the community members and local government, or organization, they help to give healthcare and education services. They work immediately in crisis and deliver sustainable change. Their purpose is to serve humanity in a time of need: either natural disasters.



International Medical Corps

IMC is a global and non-profit organization on a mission to help people in their better living either suffered by the crisis. They provide immediate health care and medical emergency services to save the life of humanity affected by the disaster.


International Relief and Development

As the name indicates, International Relief and Development is one of the disaster relief organizations. This non-profit organization gives its solution, knowledge, and expertise to the affected humanity of disasters. Its mission is to empower the World’s most suffered or vulnerable communities.



UNICEF provides basic needs to the suffering humanity of disasters. Whether your area has hurricanes or earthquakes, UNICEF will help you. They provide food, shelter, home, and health conditions to the vulnerable community.



CARE International is the world’s largest and oldest non-profit organization working to eradicate poverty from the world caused by natural disasters. They provide effective and immediate services to the affected humanity to deliver emergency relief and long-term developmental programs.


International Relief Teams

Relief teams work to improve the condition of suffering humanity by sending their trained volunteers and teams. They assist the disaster affected humanity from the forgotten corners of the World to the renowned areas. Its mission is to eradicate poverty caused by natural disasters.



The trained teams of NECHAMA are on a mission to alleviate the suffering of people affected by disasters. They provide direct assistance, support, and training to the tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes affected-humanity. They prepare the communities to respond and recover after a disaster.



Throughout the years, OXFAM responds quickly and immediately where the disaster strikes. This disaster relief organization provides the basic necessities to survive the aftermath of the disaster to make people self-sufficient. They build resilience collectively with the local government and communities.


HOPE Worldwide

Together with a global network of communities, partners, and churches, HOPE Worldwide is on a mission to empower humanity by mobilizing its volunteers. The charity-based organization delivers its best and sustainable services to disaster suffering humanity. Annually, HOPE serves 1.5 million people worldwide.



World Health Organization is the global disaster relief organization working to improve the health conditions of the suffering humanity. WHO strengthen and deliver the health conditions to the local affected community of disaster and help risk management by preparedness, response, and recovery.


Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is basically a response to flood-related disasters. This non-profit organization deploys its resources together with the military veterans and first responders to deliver their emergency response teams. From International events to a local crisis, they provide immediate relief to the disaster-affected community.


Medical Teams International

They provide medical and disaster relief to the survivors. Medical Teams International provides immediate disaster response by their trained volunteers. They provide everything from basic health kits to life-saving medicines regardless of color, sex, and community.


Global Medic

Currently active in 75 countries, Global Medic is among the best disaster relief organizations. Their professional emergency workers work with professionals to deliver healthcare, food, shelter, and the basic needs to the survivor. They also work to give relief to the flood-affected community.


CityTeam International Disaster Response

City Team works to rebuild the disaster-affected communities by meeting immediate needs to long-term solutions. Their lasting solutions include providing hot meals, shelter, and basic health emergencies.



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