Emergency Escape Plan: How to and Where to Go

Emergency Escape Plan: How to and Where to Go

Our life is just full of emergencies, unpredictable, and unforeseen. As with the modernity and evolution in technology and lifestyle, some basic things gain even more importance. No matter how advance you are and your house, an emergency escape plan is necessary. You cannot say that your house will not get fire or anything like this.

Imagine for your house, you are in an emergency and stuck there. You will be helpless and hopeless at the mercy of others to be rescued. If you have an emergency escape plan and know where to go, you can easily combat the situation with self-confidence. This doesn’t mean you should have plenty of knowledge and experience, with some basics you can safely rescue your family.

Either you face the house on fire or other disasters, this plan is going to help you a lot. Are you ready to prepare yourself for anything in life like escape plans? Well, you are in the right place.

In this post, you will get access to make your emergency plans and where to go out of the house.

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Importance of Emergency Escape Plan

Emergency escape plans are of vital importance. It is necessary for everyone to evaluate and make an emergency plan. These measures ensure your safety and reduce the possible extent of injuries and losses.

These sets of responsibilities and roles prepare you for emergency response and recovery. During or before the disaster, possibly utilize all the available resources or technologies to secure the victims.


Make an Evacuation Plan

First, you should know what typical type of emergencies and disasters you can face in your area. Then design your plan according to the probabilities.

If you have enough time to go out of the house, don’t forget to keep your emergency kit with you. This kit will give you everything from medical supplies to food and water.

Consider how would you escape like which vehicle you can use. If you have a car, fill it with your things to carry. Additionally, have fuel because, in case of a power outage, access to the fuel will be a big dilemma.

Keep the following points in mind to make an emergency evacuation plan.

  • Know where the emergency exit ways are. From where you could escape from your house.
  • There must be at least one emergency evacuation passage in your house. Because maybe you cannot leave from the doors or window.
  • If you are in the office, know where the signal of exit is. Escape from the pre-determined plan and route given to employees.
  • In case of fire, emergency escape ladders are best to escape. So, you can keep it in your house as a part of the plan.
  • If the house is full of smoke, try to keep your head in the clear air to escape from the house.
  • You can install an app to remain aware of your weather. Or you can have a radio with you for the weather forecasts.
  • Decide for your children or parents how and when to evacuate them with safety.
  • Try to take all the necessary supplies with you, which you may need out of the house.
  • Make a draft of your house design and label all the rooms and doors from where you can escape.
  • During the evacuation, stay in touch with authentic sites like CDC for the guidelines and information.


Where to Go in Emergency

After you have an emergency plan and successfully escaped from your house, then consider for going to a safe place. You can opt for these points for your safety survival.

  • Immediately leave out your area before the disaster prevails, otherwise you will be stuck.
  • Next, you must know the alternative and safe route to go out of your territory. During a disaster, it becomes normal for everyone to escape and the roads are full of vehicles. So early to leave will be better.
  • You can go to your friend’s house or the neighbor’s house.
  • Decide with your family, where to gather in case of separation.
  • Prefer to go to the place where your pets can be with you. Or else you can shift your pet to a safe place before leaving.
  • Access to the safe places and shelters in your area. Often government gives access to the shelters for your safety and security.
  • You can accommodate in different buildings like schools, colleges, golf courses, theaters, and stadiums, or many more. These will serve as an excellent shelter for you.

When to Return

After all the situation is normal, try to return to the house. Make sure your street address is clearly visible to your home so that the first responder can access you. Let the weather and disaster be cool for your return. Don’t pose a threat to your life and your family.


It is best to practice and evaluate your emergency escape plan. If you are building your house, must have an emergency exit in your house. If you work in an office, read all the instructions from where you can escape in an emergency. Definitely in an emergency, panic creates a lot of mess. So, it is advised to already prepare for an emergency for your safety survival.


So, that’s it for my guide to the emergency escape plan.

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