How to Protect Your Home from Burglary and Crime

How to Protect Your Home from Burglary and Crime

Do you know that average home burglaries result in at least a loss of $1600? Burglaries are part and parcel of life. But you don’t need to be much afraid as the stats show there is a decrease in the rate of burglary from 1999 to 2019. Still, there is a threat of burglary and you need to protect your home.

There is no rocket science behind the occurrence of burglary. It could occur at any time in any area. If you have prepared your home, your worry will be minimized. Most of these break-ins are the result of our negligence. About 30% of burglaries happen due to the entry of burglars even through unlocked windows and doors.

So, you want to prepare your home to prevent burglars from entering and to give you a loss. You are on the right path. In this post, you will learn 5 proven ways to on how to protect your home from burglary and crime.

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Protective-Fence to-Protect-Home-From-Burglary

1) Build a Protective Fence around the Home

A first and basic way to protect your home from burglary is to keep it safe from outside. Have a bird’s eye view of your home. It will definitely give you an idea of what are the weak points in your house. Don’t let any hiding place for a burglar. Primarily, build a protective fence around your home. While buying a fence for the house, keep some points in mind. The fence should not provide any hiding place and second, it should be hard to climb. Metal security fences are best and safer to protect the home. They have tall metal rods placed above to give more safety to the house with maintenance. Prefer to buy a fence that has a sharp ending and tall enough to prevent the burglars from entering the home. If you are not allowed to build the fence for the whole house, an easy tip is to use a fence in the front yard. It is decorative too and is the best answer to how to protect your home from burglaries.


2) Invest in Security Devices to Prevent Burglary

Little investment in home security can save you huge money loss in a burglary. A number of security systems are available from alarm to cameras. Most burglaries occur when the burglars have a time of 2-3 mins to enter the house. Now it’s your responsibility to increase this time to about 5-7 mins, so the burglar will leave your house without doing anything. Door and window locks, bar and bolts, and padlocks are the simple security devices to protect your home. An effective way is to install a burglar alarm its ringing will compel the burglar to leave the burglar. Last but not least is to use an indoor or outdoor security camera. You can easily keep an eye on strange happening. A simple outdoor camera can be a good deterrent and can detect burglars from a mile. It also aids the police in their investigation and recognition of burglars.


3) Keep All Your Doors and Locks Close

It is a common misconception that burglaries happen mostly at night. That’s totally an outdated myth. The reality is that 62% of the burglaries are reported in the daytime. There is no benefit of locks if you don’t close the windows and doors. Whether it is day or night, remember to close all the locks and doors. Your main purpose is to protect the home from burglary, so keeping doors closed is a good and effective step. No matter if you are going outside for some time or on vacation, close the garage and main gate. This mistake can give you a huge loss. Because burglars prefer to enter the house where they can enter in just 3-4 mins. Another way is to have curtains on doors and windows, as it will not give a view of your valuable things outside. When you are going on vacation, keep locks close and lit the house to show you are inside.



4) Place all your Valuables in a Protective Safe

Don’t expose and show off you have valuable things. Easily stolen things are jewelry and money. The rule of thumb is to store all your valuable jewelry and money in the protective safe. You can buy any kind of safe depending upon your budget and choice. Change the password of the safe before going on vacation. Keep the safe at a location where it is difficult to find.


5) Don’t Advertise Your Vacations Anywhere

Most people have the habit to advertise their vacations. I’ll strongly recommend you not to tell everyone about your vacations and tours. Try not to show your departure on social media. You don’t know who is watching there and what his intentions are. Before going on vacation, double-check all the doors are locked. Change the passwords and locks to ensure the house is safe. Inform your trusted neighbor to check timely your house. Install the timer on lights so that the house may not give the perception that it is barren. Only 13% of burglaries are solved by police. So focus on protecting your home from burglary to a maximum extent.


There is no authentic way to avoid burglary. There are just ways and tips to follow to minimize the possibility of burglary. And you have to adopt protective measures from door locks to security systems to ensure safety to your best. Your main purpose will be to remove the possible hiding places for burglars.


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