What is Pandemic and How to Prepare for Pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) defines Pandemic as “A pandemic occurs worldwide, over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and affect a large number of population.” A pandemic is global and spreads in more than one continent. WHO divides the pandemic into 6 different stages depending upon its severity and how much it affects the population. The way how to prepare for a pandemic depends upon the stage in which it persists.

Nowadays, every one of us is familiar with the word pandemic. We know that COVID-19 is a pandemic that affected more than 75M people across the World. It is also active and constantly spreads at a greater rate. Each pandemic has its own spread ratio and rate. Like Ebola epidemic of 2014 spread at a slower rate in its local countries. While COVID-19 is spreading exponentially worldwide.

By keeping in mind all the scenarios, it is important to prepare for a pandemic. Pandemic is uncertain it can prevail at any time or in any country. Therefore, general preparedness is necessary: also for a pandemic. In this post, you will learn everything needed for how to prepare for a pandemic.

But before that, let’s clear the difference between epidemic and pandemic.

Difference between Epidemic and Pandemic

Both the terms are used to explain the spread of disease. But differ in how and where they cause disease. WHO uses these terms to control and prevent the disease. It is for the public response that how they prepare for pandemic and epidemic.


An epidemic is a spread of disease within a certain community, population, or region. It also affects a large number of population. An epidemic is region-specific and doesn’t travel out of the local area.


Pandemic is the spread of disease worldwide: two or three sub-continents. It spreads exponentially and affects a large number of population. In short, we can say a pandemic is an epidemic that travels or spreads out of their local area.



Ways of How to Prepare for a Pandemic

As we know, a pandemic is the spread of a new disease worldwide at a greater rate. When it spreads, only prevention and preparation can save us. Because the vaccine took time for preparation and action against the new disease. Your careless attitude can lead your life to risk during a pandemic. Throughout human history, we have faced many pandemics like smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis, HIV, and now COVID-19. It is inevitable for you to prepare for a pandemic to ensure your safety. You can follow these ways to prepare for a pandemic.

Don’t Get Panic and Manage Stress

This is the first step in preparation for a pandemic. Most of the pandemics spread exponentially from one region to another. So, many people get panic during this situation and become unable to manage stress. Stress has adverse effects on the body as it weakens the immune system and the body become susceptible to disease. When already your immune system is weak, you can easily be a victim of a pandemic. Try to manage the stress and keep yourself calm and relaxed to be healthy. This rule completely implies the current COVID-19 situation. Experts are continuously advising to cope with stress during the COVID-19 situation. Because in stress the ability of the body gets reduced to fight against any disease. You will be more likely to develop COVID-19 if you are stressed. Always keep in mind everything starts from your mind. Your body acts what your mind direct to it. Keep your mind peaceful and avoid stress. Then you will be able to take other steps for how to prepare for a pandemic.

Keep an eye on news from authentic sources

News from authentic sources keeps you aware of the upcoming condition. You can act according to what is necessary and what is needed. Focus on WHO and CDC updates and news about a pandemic. WHO provide complete guideline and health measures to prepare and protect yourself from the pandemic.  Countries on the national level also effectively follow these guidelines. So, you should also keep an eye on local news. Not listening to the news in enough. Follow the health measures and guidelines to protect you from the pandemic.

Stock food and water for an adverse situation

Certainly, you don’t know how much time the pandemic condition will persist. It can prolong for quite a long time. The pandemic condition could be severe, leading to quarantine and lockdown. If you want to prepare for a pandemic, stock at least two weeks’ supply of food and water. It doesn’t mean to hoard food supply but to avoid going to market in case of a severe condition. Keep a minimum of fourteen days’ stock of essentials. Water is the basic need for survival, so store one-gallon water per person. It will enough to accomplish the need for cooking and drinking. You can store food for two weeks depending upon your choice. It can be canned food or freeze-dried foods. If you have pets, also keep their food.

Keep your First aid kit and prescription Ready

It is necessary for you to keep your prescription ready for the pandemic. In the case of a lockdown or overwhelming in the pharmacies, already having your prescribed medicines will help you a lot in your health and safety. It is also recommended to keep your first-aid-kit up to date with non-prescribed medicines like Panadol or ibuprofen. You can easily cure fever or cough with these non-prescribed medicines. Also, keep a record of your medical health.

Store Hygiene and cleaning supplies

Ensure you have enough cleaning supplies of hygiene, including sanitizers and tissues. If you consider the current COVID-19 situation, it will be easy for you to understand the role of sanitizers in a pandemic. Most of the pandemics spread and travel through direct contact with hands. Washing the hands with sanitizers will keep you healthy and germ-free.

Make a plan to cope with a difficult situation

Last but not least is to make a plan for your actions in a pandemic situation. You don’t know what will be happening next. Even after following all the recommendations and guidelines, you can be sick. Having a pro plan will give you some relief during the illness. Make a plan for who will take care of you in case of illness. What about your children and pets? Design, plan, and then act when you are already prepared for a pandemic.

These are all the general preparation for any kind of pandemic. Not all these measures apply 100% for every kind of disease. Because each pandemic is new with its effects and fatality rate. These general measures will keep you ready and will ensure your general safety. But keep you updated with the news and situation and act accordingly that your state advice. Adopt all the measures depending upon the stage and severity of the pandemic.

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