5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need To Know

5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need to Know

Self-defense is the act of defending yourself when someone tries to harm or attack you. Self-defense moves or techniques are legal in legislation. More specifically if we talk about women, self-defense strategies are inevitable for every woman to know. Stats show that in 2019, 406,970 women were sexually assaulted or raped in the United States. By keeping in mind all the scenarios, self-defense for women is a key to survive the condition of attack or sexual assault. There is no guarantee for your next step, what will happen either we will be saved or may be attacked by someone.  Learning self-defense strategies will give power and confidence to women to protect themselves from harm. A study from the University of Oregon found that women participating in self-defense classes feel more positive, confident, and know all the strategies to protect themselves.

If you feel a strange fear of attack or assault while walking lonely in street, you must learn these moves or techniques of self-defense for women.


1. Attack Vulnerable Parts

This is the primary and basic strategy every woman needs to know. Keep in mind, whenever you come across such a situation, keep your confidence level high. Then you can attack the vulnerable areas like the eyes, nose, throat, knees, and groin. These are the easily targeted areas regardless of the power of the attacker. One easy strategy is to hit the knees with your full power as it will lay down the attacker. During this phenomenon, you can call out for help. Attacking vulnerable areas will be fruitful and impactful as you can easily do it with great efficiency.





2. Attacking the Adam’s Apple

If you are attacked and you don’t know what to do and which move will be effective, attacking Adam’s apple will ensure your survival. Hit Adam’s apple with your fist or fingers, it will give you time to escape as the attacker will feel difficulty in breathing. If you hit with full power, it can even break Adam’s apple causing suffocation for the attacker.



3. Attack the Groin

Attacking the groin is a basic technique of self-defense for women. If you don’t have help from the surroundings and know basic techniques of self-defense, do a groin attack. It is the most effective technique and allows you to escape from the point of incidence. When the executor is at close range with you, hit the groin with a knee. The executor will be pushed behind and require time to recover his senses. The major thing is to keep yourself in power and confidence to give the attacker a good to shock or move to confront.



4. Elbow Moves

If you are unable to perform an attack on the vulnerable parts and your opponent is trying to cover you, look for an alternative like elbow strikes. Stabilize yourself as much as possible and then slightly push your leg behind to empower you. Then bend your arm and hit the elbow to his mouth, neck, cheeks, or jawline. You can easily target these parts for your self-defense. Consequently, the attacker’s grip will have loosened and you can easily escape. You can perform the elbow movement by rotating your hip to make the move more effective.



5. Defensive Move

The most common technique used by the attacker is to grab the woman from front or behind with his arms so that she could be helpless. The defensive move will allow women to escape in such a situation. If your opponent has grabbed you from front, try to attack the nose or face of the attacker with your hand. Maybe it will not work, don’t get panic, try for another move. Now, pull off the leg of the attacker by bending down, leading the attacker to lose his balance. And you will succeed in dropping down your attacker.



These are just basic self-defense for women techniques and moves which can help a woman to tackle a situation of attack with confidence and power. There is also much more to learn beyond these moves. You can join a class to learn strategies to ensure your protection, safety, and security.

So, that’s all about basic self-defense strategies for women.

Which move will you try preferably, groin kick or attacking Adam’s apple?

Either way, tell me by leaving a comment.

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How to Prepare Your Finance for Job Loss


Financial fitness is not a pipe dream or a state of mind it is a reality if you are willing to pursue it and embrace it”. Will Robinson.

Financial planning refers to the preparation of your finance and the current situation in order to achieve long-term goals.

Finance is a stair to head towards a better living: but most people don’t prepare for the future probabilities and when they encounter a specific financial condition like job loss, they can’t survive due to lack of plannings.

Stats show that the number of job losses in the UK in just the retail sector reached 140,437 by 2020. In this condition, only a person that has financial planning can tackle the job loss issue.

In this post, you will learn how to prepare your finance for job loss.

5 Important Things to Prepare your Finance for Job Loss

You need a complete pre-defined mechanism with planning’s from budget to debut to increase your ability and chances of good living in case of job loss.

It is a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone: even you. You will stand successful at the base of long-term financial planning.

These five steps will help you to lead the crisis like a leader. By keeping in mind the job loss, you can take these steps.

Eradicate Extravagant Spending and Slash your Budget

First of all, revise and look at your budget. It doesn’t matter how much you make money, but how much you keep and save it.

Most of us are spending lavishly their money on buying useless things that just make us happy, but they were not of need. This is the weak point of any wise man.

When you want to prepare your finance for job loss, immediately cut off your extra expenditures and spend money wisely.

You can slash the budget by turning off the lights, reducing air-conditioner use, or cancel magazine subscriptions, or watching online shows rather than cable or TV.

Save Money in Your Emergency Fund

Saving money in an emergency fund is the best way to prepare your finance for job loss. Open an emergency fund account in the bank and start saving money to cover your family when you will be devoid of a job.

Keep in mind that few savings of this time will keep you relaxed and satisfied in crisis. You can also use a tax refund to deposit cash in the emergency account.

Don’t go for daily dinners, increased shopping’s, attending concerts and spending’s on useless or extra things. Save and deposit all this money in your emergency account.

Release the Burden of your Debt

If you have high-interest debt, then preferably pay off all the debt. You can increase the ways of employment to release the burden of debt.

Because if you lose your job, then it will not be possible for you to pay the interest. If you have a home or good credit, you can apply for a home equity line of credit HELOC, to pay the debit card debt.

Paying off debt depends upon what kind of debt you have: either student loan or federal loan.

As short as you pay all the interest-based debt, you will feel free of the burden in case of job loss.


Make Investment in your Personal Development

Job is a temporary opportunity and you can lose it anytime without any reason too. It is a bonus tip to invest the extra money in your personal development.

Anytime you can expand your business and run it at your profit demand.

Only 1 out of 10 Americans are prepared financially, are not you 1 of that person? You should not. Whether you have little money, don’t hesitate in investing in your own business.

Manifest yourself and strive more and take actionable steps according to your present situation. This personal investment will save your drowning boat of finance when you lose a job.

Increase Networking to Build Career Opportunities

Remember, you are preparing your finance for job loss. So networking is of vital importance in this case.

Increase your network with trusted connections to introduce yourself in your respected industry and also potential openings in other career opportunities.

Regardless of what your plans are always do networking either online or offline. If you lose a job, you can immediately start another, or you can find investors for your personal development by networking.

A wise man always prepares himself for anything in life by keeping in mind the probabilities of happenings in the future.

So, that’s it for my guide to how to prepare financially for job loss.

What did you like in the post?

Which way of building finance are you going to try first?

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It is Easy to Prepare Emergency Kit

It Is Easy To Prepare Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a box that contains all the necessary and essential tools, equipment, and medication needed for survival in emergency, unseen, or life-threatening conditions. The emergency kit also known as a survival kit is easy to prepare. The kit varies in size, but its purpose is to provide the survivor with basic shelter like food, first-aid, and keep in warm and signal to rescue. You can face any sudden emergency like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks, emergency kit will be your only source of survival until you get external help. American Red Cross recommends having an emergency kit to cope with any disaster or emergency.



Why it is Necessary to Have an Emergency Kit

48% of Americans don’t have an emergency kit or supplies, therefore it becomes difficult for them to survive in an emergency. In case you are in an emergency, then you have to survive on your own for a few days. But if you don’t have an emergency kit, your life will be in threat. Prepare an emergency kit for unseen disasters as it contains the household items and health kit needed for your survival. Few minutes that you spend in preparing an emergency kit can save your life for many days. Nearly half of the US inhabitants don’t have the resources and plans to survive in an emergency. So, it is necessary to prepare an emergency kit; it is also easy to carry and anyone can have it with him.


How to Prepare Emergency Kit

It is easy to prepare an emergency kit with a simple method. FEMA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend and provide a checklist of which items must be a part of your survival kit. It involves basic things like food, water, battery, flashlight, and most importantly first-aid-kit. Approximately 100 products will make a perfect emergency kit. Being prepared means you have an emergency kit with all the necessary items for survival. If you also want to prepare your emergency kit, here is a complete guide keeping in mind one person.



While preparing for an emergency kit, water is the first item to have. Almost every organization and instructor recommends to first include water in your survival kit. You can carry away a water bottle or a portable filtration system. The filter will be a better choice if you have a freshwater supply because your stored water will be limited soon. At least one gallon per person is required for one day’s survival of a person. But in an emergency kit, water for three days must be present for drinking, cooking, or sanitization. You can also include water purification tablets to purify the contaminated water.



CDC recommends having a supply of three days of non-perishable and easy to prepare food. Cliff bar, food energy bars, or food survivals bars of 2000 calories are integral parts of a survival kit. You can prepare an emergency kit with these food items: Meals ready to eat MRE (are specifically designed by the US to fight in combats), dry fruits, cereals, grams, roasted nuts, and high energy food bars like chocolates.  Red Cross suggests having a 3-day food supply for evacuation and a 2-weeks food supply for the home. There is great diversity for the food items that could be placed in an emergency kit like canned foods, freeze-dried meal pouches, and ration bars. It depends upon your choice of which food you want to have in your emergency kit. You can check the kit daily to replace or add food.



First Aid Kit

We can’t predict what type of emergency we can face, it doesn’t need to be limited to just food or water requirements. It is a super idea to build a first aid kit for a survival kit. You can build a first aid kit by keeping the following items: bandages, allergy medicines, antibiotic ointment, burn creams, aspirin, sunscreen, adhesive tape, surgical suture, and pain medications. These are basic first aid kit items needed for your survival. If you are a patient and on treatment, then preferably place a personal medication supply of 30 days. It will be great if you also add disinfectant pads and antibiotic cream to prepare an emergency kit.


Light and Signaling

Basically, the purpose of the survival kit is to help when we are lost or injured. It is best to have a LED light in the preparedness kit, so at night it may illuminate without electricity. At strange places, there is a threat of wild animals to attack in dark. Therefore, light LED will save us but don’t forget to keep the batteries in the kit. Headlamp or tea candles can also aid in the dark with great ease.

Distress radio beacon, signal mirror, and whistle must be an integral part of the preparedness kit. These tools will help you to signal someone for help. With the help of a distress radio beacon, you can navigate planes or ships for rescue. You can also write notes to signal for rescue, so keep the pencil and paper in the kit. The latest radios also provide light and updated weather information like hurricanes and tornadoes. When you are preparing an emergency kit, add these radios to make the strategy according to the weather. Radio can be charged by battery or USB.



Mobile Charger/Solar Charger

Always keep a handy mobile charger in the kit as 20% of Americans get emergency information from mobile apps. It is necessary to remain in touch with the world because if you get entangled in an emergency, you can be rescued. The solar charger is the option to charge devices even tablets when you don’t have access to electricity. These solar chargers can charge the devices within daylight. Rechargeable battery packs will be a good alternative if sunlight is dim to charge mobile. Never forget to keep the technological products when you are preparing an emergency kit, it will help you a lot in an emergency. Also, check the kit from time to time to ensure every technology is in good condition and not outdated or out of work.



After the basic survival things, consider keeping extra clothing. You can face any kind of emergency with hot, cold, or wind. Extra clothes will keep you warm, clean, and dry. Include an extra pair of gloves, warm clothes for insulation, and a blanket for shelter to prepare an emergency kit. You can also keep rainy coats or merino wool to remain safe from moisture. Fleece, hoodies, or puffy jackets will keep you warm in the cold season. Or you can also add clothes that are wind-resistant to the emergency kit. Hygiene items or baby wipes can also aid in survival and keeping you clean and healthy. In clothes section also include a mask to avoid any kind of allergy and pollution.


Other Tools

Despite all the above-mentioned items, there are also multi-tools that can you keep in your emergency kit. In preparing an emergency kit, you can also include a knife, hammer, ax, wrench, screwdriver, saw, plastic bag, needles, can-opener, helmet, scarf, or bulletproof armor. These multi-tools will ensure your survival in many conditions ranging from repairing clothes or equipment, cutting up trees, clearing debris, to capturing prey.

It is a bonus tip to add a copy of personal documents like ID cards, birth certificates, or licenses in a waterproof jar in the kit. Additionally, books, magazines, comics, puzzles, or games can also help in keeping the child busy in activities and away from stress.


Bottom Line

By following these suggestions, you can prepare an emergency kit for your survival. You can easily survive on the kit for three days unless you don’t get rescued or helped. It is necessary to prepare for anything and an emergency kit is also a step in its preparation.


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So that’s it for my guide to prepare an emergency kit.

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Why to Prepare for Anything in Life: The Definitive Guide

Why to Prepare for Anything in Life: The Definitive Guide

We have often heard that life is full of hardships and difficulties, there could happen anything at any time in our life.  The difficulty is, we can’t imagine what is going to happen next, it may be potent enough to give us a severe loss or damage.

There may be different situations that we can face like a crisis, loss of a job, separation of beloved ones, or an accident.

Being pre-prepared, you can control the situation and minimize the loss. But if you fail to prepare for anything, it means you prepare yourself for failure.

This is a bitter reality of life, unless you don’t recognize and worth this point, you will miss many opportunities in life. Because opportunities don’t waste their time on unprepared people. In this post, you will learn why and how to prepare for anything.

Let’s dive right in.


Why is it Necessary to Prepare for Anything?

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

General preparation is necessary to maintain and grow with the changing trends of life. Learn skills, develop potential, plan your journey, and run it on the right track to be successful in any kind of matter, regardless of its negative effects.

If you are not ready and prepared to fight with the upcoming incidents, you will spend your entire life preparing, getting no fruitful thing. Imagine about singers, athletes, musicians, professional speakers, and successful persons they always prepare themselves for their activities. Then why you don’t do so?

Here is the answer you are unaware of the benefits and importance of, why to prepare. There are powerful benefits of preparing for anything in life, you can explore them as follows:


1) Preparation Increases Self-Discipline

Preparation means you are ready before heading for any kind of activity or incident. If you make up your mind, it will not only increase your self-confidence but also create a sense of self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the ability to focus on your task and overcome difficulties. Being prepared for anything develops organization and potential in you leading to the betterment of emergency. Self-discipline laid the foundation of a happy life with all the things in control.

It can surpass the feeling of “I can’t do this”. We put aside the whims and negative thoughts because we know that by our discipline we can do it. It will align all the energies and skills of the body to face unexpected conditions.



2) Preparation Increases Power of Thinking

Either you are going for a meeting or a job interview, you need to be prepared to get your target. Thinking is not a native skill, you can develop it by practice or experience.

The more is strategic thinking, the more you get expected to outshine and to face the incidents. It doesn’t matter how much complicated is your task, if you make your mind to prepare for it you will have great thinking to face any kind of situation.

If you already have thought about what can happen, it will never give you shock about failure or unseen. You will have thousands of ideas to achieve your target and destination. So be prepared to explore the world of thinking.



3) Preparation Pave the way to Success

Abraham Lincoln says “I’ll prepare and someday my chance will come.”

Success is the ultimate goal for everyone to achieve. We struggle day and night to be successful in life. But sometimes we forget the point that if we are not prepared for anything, success will be difficult to achieve.

You can understand it by an example: if a woodcutter has 5 hours to cut the trees, he will spend the first hour to sharpen his ax. In this way, he can easily cut and chop more trees in the least time.

Likewise, you are supposed to prepare by keeping in mind the unexpected and expected events to increase the chances of success. Success is a journey where you can conquer anything if you are prepared. In short, be prepared, be successful.


How to Prepare Yourself

As we have recognized the value of preparations, now the question arises “how to prepare yourself for anything” that is going to happen in your life.

The future is uncertain; you have to prepare for general expectations by external events and then preparing internally. Preparation can be mental or physical, both are equally important.

If you learn and follow all these things, you can prepare yourself to handle any kind of thing from personal issues to finance.



1) Be Positive and Mindful

Positivity plays a key role in determining the turning point of the situation. If you are responding negatively to stress, you will be able to do nothing. It can expand your problems also and leaving negative impacts on your health.

A positive minded person can better simplify and resolve the issues. Try to be a positive man and never get panic about the situation. It doesn’t mean you become negligent of the surroundings and probabilities.

Be mindful and keep a meticulous eye on your skills, potential, and performance. If you are fully aware of the intensity of the emergency and your potential, you are likely to be a champion and can easily kick back the issues.


2) Maintain Health

We are living in a digital and fast era, and we don’t have much time to care for our health. A healthy person has a healthy mind and can rectify the issues with great efficiency.

Consider for a person who is a patient of depression, and he comes up with a severe business loss. Certainly, he will not be able to resolve the crisis and to develop a strategy to prevent his business from drowning.

Therefore, health is necessary to keep all the things in balance and to do more for your success. If you want to prepare for anything, health must be your priority.

To maintain your health, make a routine of your day from food to activities. Eat healthy food, including fruits and vegetables, take some exercise like yoga, go for a walk, and keep yourself relaxed and peaceful.

If you are a healthy person, you can easily tackle any incident with great confidence and a strategy.


3) Plan, Create, and Act

It is our daily routine we get into mess without having an appropriate plan. For example, if you have a job interview, you don’t prepare for it as it should be, maybe because of different reasons. The result is that we lost that job because of a lack of plans and management.

Life is a game of few moments: it begins, goes to height, and then ends. You have two ways to prepare. By supposed terms, (pre-plan and pro plan) understanding will be easier.

  • Pre Plan: If you are in a struggle to develop your finance and future, without a strategic plan you cannot create a balance in all the affairs leading to mismanagement and failure for a bright future.
  • Pro Plan: You are a successful man with a good financial history. Now you feel free of any kind of troubles and don’t plan for adverse conditions. That’s the weak point that life can target anytime. In this condition, make a pro plan and save something for the future.

Your act also matters a lot and should be based on what you plan. If you follow the rule of the plan, create, and act, you will never be at the mercy of a strict teacher, the life.


So that’s it for my guide to prepare for anything.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What tips from today’s post are you going to try, or what did you learn?

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How to be prepared

Are you prepared? Prepared for what?

Welcome, this is what this blog will be about.

Preparedness – how to be prepared for a variety of different scenarios. Some are more common than others, some that have not yet happened some that will probably not happen. And those scenarios that would have a catastrophic outcome. 

Some possible scenarios 

  • Power outage
  • Situations in your home – Fire, burglary
  • Accidents
  • Financial
  • Natural disasters
  • Pandemic
  • When Shtf – shit hits the fan

Why prepare?

By being prepared you are more likely to handle the situation better or even prevent a serious event.

When something happens it will be better if you know what to do and have the equipment to handle the situation better. Taking small steps to become a survivor

From home to the wild

In this blog it will not only be hardcore doomsday, SHTF, bug out, living off-grid prepping. But also be prepared in everyday life. Trying to avoid small accidents and be ready when they happen. For example, would it be better to have a bandage at home, when your child falls off the bike and scrape the knee rather than having to run off to the pharmacy?

sthf=Shit hits the fan

Stay informed and plan ahead

Know what happens and knowing what to do in different scenarios is a great way to stay ahead and make necessary preparation. Staying informed, is there a big storm coming? What do I need to do? Is there a virus spreading? What can I do to be prepared?

For your and your family’s safety and well being

So why go through all this trouble making all the preparation for something that might or might not happen? 

One of the basic human needs is to feel safe and secure. It is a great feeling to know that if something happens I am prepared and I know what to keep my family and myself safe.

This blog will help you take those small steps and get started to feel more safe and secure.

By following this blog you will have taken the first step. Do you want to become a survivor?

Let us help each other, leave a comment, and share on social media.

Take the next step and see how you can start building your home emergency kit.


What is Pandemic and How to Prepare for Pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) defines Pandemic as “A pandemic occurs worldwide, over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and affect a large number of population.” A pandemic is global and spreads in more than one continent. WHO divides the pandemic into 6 different stages depending upon its severity and how much it affects the population. The way how to prepare for a pandemic depends upon the stage in which it persists.

Nowadays, every one of us is familiar with the word pandemic. We know that COVID-19 is a pandemic that affected more than 75M people across the World. It is also active and constantly spreads at a greater rate. Each pandemic has its own spread ratio and rate. Like Ebola epidemic of 2014 spread at a slower rate in its local countries. While COVID-19 is spreading exponentially worldwide.

By keeping in mind all the scenarios, it is important to prepare for a pandemic. Pandemic is uncertain it can prevail at any time or in any country. Therefore, general preparedness is necessary: also for a pandemic. In this post, you will learn everything needed for how to prepare for a pandemic.

But before that, let’s clear the difference between epidemic and pandemic.

Difference between Epidemic and Pandemic

Both the terms are used to explain the spread of disease. But differ in how and where they cause disease. WHO uses these terms to control and prevent the disease. It is for the public response that how they prepare for pandemic and epidemic.


An epidemic is a spread of disease within a certain community, population, or region. It also affects a large number of population. An epidemic is region-specific and doesn’t travel out of the local area.


Pandemic is the spread of disease worldwide: two or three sub-continents. It spreads exponentially and affects a large number of population. In short, we can say a pandemic is an epidemic that travels or spreads out of their local area.



Ways of How to Prepare for a Pandemic

As we know, a pandemic is the spread of a new disease worldwide at a greater rate. When it spreads, only prevention and preparation can save us. Because the vaccine took time for preparation and action against the new disease. Your careless attitude can lead your life to risk during a pandemic. Throughout human history, we have faced many pandemics like smallpox, influenza, tuberculosis, HIV, and now COVID-19. It is inevitable for you to prepare for a pandemic to ensure your safety. You can follow these ways to prepare for a pandemic.

Don’t Get Panic and Manage Stress

This is the first step in preparation for a pandemic. Most of the pandemics spread exponentially from one region to another. So, many people get panic during this situation and become unable to manage stress. Stress has adverse effects on the body as it weakens the immune system and the body become susceptible to disease. When already your immune system is weak, you can easily be a victim of a pandemic. Try to manage the stress and keep yourself calm and relaxed to be healthy. This rule completely implies the current COVID-19 situation. Experts are continuously advising to cope with stress during the COVID-19 situation. Because in stress the ability of the body gets reduced to fight against any disease. You will be more likely to develop COVID-19 if you are stressed. Always keep in mind everything starts from your mind. Your body acts what your mind direct to it. Keep your mind peaceful and avoid stress. Then you will be able to take other steps for how to prepare for a pandemic.

Keep an eye on news from authentic sources

News from authentic sources keeps you aware of the upcoming condition. You can act according to what is necessary and what is needed. Focus on WHO and CDC updates and news about a pandemic. WHO provide complete guideline and health measures to prepare and protect yourself from the pandemic.  Countries on the national level also effectively follow these guidelines. So, you should also keep an eye on local news. Not listening to the news in enough. Follow the health measures and guidelines to protect you from the pandemic.

Stock food and water for an adverse situation

Certainly, you don’t know how much time the pandemic condition will persist. It can prolong for quite a long time. The pandemic condition could be severe, leading to quarantine and lockdown. If you want to prepare for a pandemic, stock at least two weeks’ supply of food and water. It doesn’t mean to hoard food supply but to avoid going to market in case of a severe condition. Keep a minimum of fourteen days’ stock of essentials. Water is the basic need for survival, so store one-gallon water per person. It will enough to accomplish the need for cooking and drinking. You can store food for two weeks depending upon your choice. It can be canned food or freeze-dried foods. If you have pets, also keep their food.

Keep your First aid kit and prescription Ready

It is necessary for you to keep your prescription ready for the pandemic. In the case of a lockdown or overwhelming in the pharmacies, already having your prescribed medicines will help you a lot in your health and safety. It is also recommended to keep your first-aid-kit up to date with non-prescribed medicines like Panadol or ibuprofen. You can easily cure fever or cough with these non-prescribed medicines. Also, keep a record of your medical health.

Store Hygiene and cleaning supplies

Ensure you have enough cleaning supplies of hygiene, including sanitizers and tissues. If you consider the current COVID-19 situation, it will be easy for you to understand the role of sanitizers in a pandemic. Most of the pandemics spread and travel through direct contact with hands. Washing the hands with sanitizers will keep you healthy and germ-free.

Make a plan to cope with a difficult situation

Last but not least is to make a plan for your actions in a pandemic situation. You don’t know what will be happening next. Even after following all the recommendations and guidelines, you can be sick. Having a pro plan will give you some relief during the illness. Make a plan for who will take care of you in case of illness. What about your children and pets? Design, plan, and then act when you are already prepared for a pandemic.

These are all the general preparation for any kind of pandemic. Not all these measures apply 100% for every kind of disease. Because each pandemic is new with its effects and fatality rate. These general measures will keep you ready and will ensure your general safety. But keep you updated with the news and situation and act accordingly that your state advice. Adopt all the measures depending upon the stage and severity of the pandemic.

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That’s all for my guide to how to prepare for a pandemic.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

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