19 Trusted Disaster Relief Organizations: You Should Know

Disaster Relief Organizations

Do you know the incredible stats of natural disasters occurring in 2019? According to Statista, there were a total of 409 disasters occurring worldwide in 2019 with the more affected Pacific region. That’s why the role of disaster relief organizations is significant.

A disaster is a naturally occurring catastrophe that severely affects the human population, ecosystem, and economy. It can affect society or a community on a wide scale depending upon its severity. A disaster may be in the form of earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, floods, epidemics, or droughts. During recent years, the ratio of natural disasters is increasing at a greater rate. The reason is the climate changes leading to either droughts or hurricanes. Climate changes influence the disasters that ultimately cause wide-scale destruction and loss to humanity. The natural catastrophes and disasters of 2019 caused about 9000 deaths and affected millions of people.



By considering the whole scenario, there comes the name of disaster relief organizations in our minds and society. Wherever the disaster occurs, these organizations deploy their resources to provide maximum relief and help to affected people. They work to provide shelter, basic hygiene and health conditions, and food to survive in the affected areas. These organizations utilize all their resources and work together with local government or military forces to cope with the severity of the situation. As disasters are natural, they can happen anytime at any place without any warning. You should have basic knowledge of disaster relief organizations either to do charity or for your preparedness.

I have prepared a list of disaster relief organizations; you can contact them in case of disaster prevalence.


International Disaster Relief Organizations

Several renowned disaster relief organizations are working at the international level to provide maximum relief to humanity. These organizations are vigilant to cope with the disaster and to offer recovery and assist the victims. Their teams work immediately and respond within hours. Here are the few best International Organizations:


International Red Cross

From small house fires to large-scale natural disasters, the American Red Cross is working effectively to relieve the victims. They help people suffering from cyclones, earthquakes, famine, or drought with their proficient teams. Basically, they provide shelter like a blanket, hygiene like water, eating like cooking kits, communication, and donations. They also help to reconnect the separating families in the disaster. The Red Cross works efficiently to fulfill the needs of the survivor in the disaster. They deploy all the resources to ensure the maximum possible recovery of the losses in droughts.


Direct Relief International

Direct Relief is an International organization working to improve the condition of people suffering from the disaster. They are on the mission of anywhere and anyone needs it; they are for help. Direct Relief sends their trained medical coups to provide medical resources to vulnerable people. They are still active in the 70 countries and offering their medical services to the affected people. They work with communities to provide better results and to give proper hygiene conditions to save maximum lives.


The React International

Disaster Relief Organization, React International provides relief to the victims of the disaster. They work collectively with the local communities to provide communication facilities. React International deploys and use all the modern technologies to assist the victims with their communication services. They help in traffic control and all the things that the affected communities need. Additionally, they also provide first aid services and assist the local police.


All Hands Volunteers

All hands volunteer provides their services by direct communicating the leaders and community members to markup the temporary and long-term loss of disasters. They basically work to leverage the infrastructure of affected areas. Their trained and professional volunteers work to build more resilient homes and schools. They are on the mission to help people recover in a better way with their smart strategy. The number of 39,000 volunteers makes them an excellent disaster relief organization.


The World Vision

The World Vision is a Global Christian Humanitarian Organization working for the welfare of churches and other communities suffering from the disaster. Their trained volunteers work together with the community members to supply the needs to the needy survivors.


ADRA International

Regardless of ethnicity, color, and the cast of humans, ADRA International provides relief to suffering humanities. They are also a Christian Disaster Relief Organization offering their services in more than 118 countries. Together with the community members and local government, or organization, they help to give healthcare and education services. They work immediately in crisis and deliver sustainable change. Their purpose is to serve humanity in a time of need: either natural disasters.



International Medical Corps

IMC is a global and non-profit organization on a mission to help people in their better living either suffered by the crisis. They provide immediate health care and medical emergency services to save the life of humanity affected by the disaster.


International Relief and Development

As the name indicates, International Relief and Development is one of the disaster relief organizations. This non-profit organization gives its solution, knowledge, and expertise to the affected humanity of disasters. Its mission is to empower the World’s most suffered or vulnerable communities.



UNICEF provides basic needs to the suffering humanity of disasters. Whether your area has hurricanes or earthquakes, UNICEF will help you. They provide food, shelter, home, and health conditions to the vulnerable community.



CARE International is the world’s largest and oldest non-profit organization working to eradicate poverty from the world caused by natural disasters. They provide effective and immediate services to the affected humanity to deliver emergency relief and long-term developmental programs.


International Relief Teams

Relief teams work to improve the condition of suffering humanity by sending their trained volunteers and teams. They assist the disaster affected humanity from the forgotten corners of the World to the renowned areas. Its mission is to eradicate poverty caused by natural disasters.



The trained teams of NECHAMA are on a mission to alleviate the suffering of people affected by disasters. They provide direct assistance, support, and training to the tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes affected-humanity. They prepare the communities to respond and recover after a disaster.



Throughout the years, OXFAM responds quickly and immediately where the disaster strikes. This disaster relief organization provides the basic necessities to survive the aftermath of the disaster to make people self-sufficient. They build resilience collectively with the local government and communities.


HOPE Worldwide

Together with a global network of communities, partners, and churches, HOPE Worldwide is on a mission to empower humanity by mobilizing its volunteers. The charity-based organization delivers its best and sustainable services to disaster suffering humanity. Annually, HOPE serves 1.5 million people worldwide.



World Health Organization is the global disaster relief organization working to improve the health conditions of the suffering humanity. WHO strengthen and deliver the health conditions to the local affected community of disaster and help risk management by preparedness, response, and recovery.


Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is basically a response to flood-related disasters. This non-profit organization deploys its resources together with the military veterans and first responders to deliver their emergency response teams. From International events to a local crisis, they provide immediate relief to the disaster-affected community.


Medical Teams International

They provide medical and disaster relief to the survivors. Medical Teams International provides immediate disaster response by their trained volunteers. They provide everything from basic health kits to life-saving medicines regardless of color, sex, and community.


Global Medic

Currently active in 75 countries, Global Medic is among the best disaster relief organizations. Their professional emergency workers work with professionals to deliver healthcare, food, shelter, and the basic needs to the survivor. They also work to give relief to the flood-affected community.


CityTeam International Disaster Response

City Team works to rebuild the disaster-affected communities by meeting immediate needs to long-term solutions. Their lasting solutions include providing hot meals, shelter, and basic health emergencies.



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What is Session Hijacking: How to Prevent Session Hijacking?

What is session hijacking: How to prevent session hijacking

Session hijacking is the attack of an unauthorized user to gain access to your web session. Your session starts when you log in to your services and log out after the completion of your work. Hackers work in a planned way to access your browsers and applications.

The process of hacking starts when you log in after the verification and authentication process. The authentication process mostly consists of a username and password set by the user. The web server uses a way of token to recognize the user. The server sends a unique token to the user, and the hackers try to steal it. The token may be in the form of a URL or cookie. It is also known as cookie hijacking as the attackers mostly attack the cookies saves on your computer. The server uses the cookies to authenticate and recognizes the user, and these cookies get attacked by hackers. You can easily lose your sensitive information and credentials by session/cookie hijacking as the attackers also use your session.

In this post, you will learn a complete and definitive guide on Session Hijacking and how to prevent it.



What is a Session ID or Cookie and How They are Hacked

Whenever you interact with a website, your data is stored for the future in cookies. In simple words, your interaction with the website stores the data in the cookies. This data is used by commercial sites for their sales. They send you the advertisement according to your desire. Again visiting the website will show you the services and offers according to your interest. These cookies travel across the internet and communications and can be easily accessed by hackers when not properly secured.

A session ID is a communication between two connections like the user and server. You might have seen the “remember me” option while logging in to applications. When you use the option, remember me, your data is saved as the session ID and used for the next time when you log in. In general, session IDs are a set of cookies to authenticate your identity. Each of the cookies has a distinct and unique session ID. Hackers get access to session ID by cookies.


How to Prevent Session Hijacking

Hackers use different methods to steal your cookies and identity. First is the trial technique in which attackers uses multiples ID and gets the right one. Hackers may predict the ID by calculation technique. The least, is the proper mechanism of stealing the session ID either by email or SSL. You can use these ways to prevent session hijacking.


Install Website Security Plugins

Installing WordPress security plugins is an easy way to prevent hack attempts. Different plugins like MalCare active or Jetpack security to your website. These plugins will block a malicious IP address or code entering your website for hacking. They will keep your website intact and clean. It will prevent any hacking attempt immediately by blocking malicious IP addresses. Jetpack has also a scanning system for malware.



Install an SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is necessary for website security. As the data continuously flows from the website to the user and server. If the data is not encrypted, it can easily be read by hackers. An SSL certificate will encrypt the data and ensure the secure travel of data from a website to the web server. If the data is locked, session hijacking will not happen. SSL certificate is easy to get. You can buy it from your hosting, or you can also get a free SSL certificate for your website.


Be Careful as a User

As a user, you are always at the risk of losing your data by cookies. Regularly clear the cookies and never make a mistake of opening the malicious links. These links or offers are used by hackers to hack your data through session Ids. Also, install antivirus or antimalware software on your computer. It doesn’t matter which website you are checking, the antimalware software will protect your data from session hijacking. Many people store their credit card information on websites. Never store your sensitive information on any site. It poses a threat of stealing and hacking.


As an internet user, you can get a session hijacking at any time. You must take every necessary step to protect your connection and communication with the webserver. Data safety must be your priority while using the internet.

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How to Prepare your Home for Power Outage: 5 Easy Ways


Power outage refers to the failure of electric supply. There is an unexpected cut-off in the supply of electricity. A power outage may last for several hours to many days. It can affect the community, economy, or life of an individual. You should prepare for a power outage, it is necessary both for your safety and for better survival.

The condition of a power outage can prolong depending upon its causes. It may be due to the storm, hurricanes, or heat waves. Either way, what are its causes it will definitely affect your life and routine. A power outage can block transportation, interrupt communication, or can stop the working of electric stores like ATM.

You can face a power outage in your area in case of any natural disaster. Being already prepared for a power outage will give you a sense of safety. By following simple ways, you can prepare your home for this situation.
In this post, you will learn 5 basic ways to prepare for a power outage. Let’s dive right in:


Must Have Emergency Kit for Power Outage

Having an emergency kit is a basic step to prepare your house for a power outage. Your kit must consist of an emergency supply to ensure your safety for at least 3 days. An emergency kit can include your documents, first aid kit, medical prescription, extra batteries, and other things that you will need.

Keep the emergency kit in a safe place that everyone can have easy access to it. You can place the emergency kit on the main site of the home. So that it will be easy to remember and view in case of need. Ensure that every member of the home knows the location of an emergency kit. Make your kit in a portable bag to carry it anywhere.


Ensure the Availability of Home Generator

Home generators will provide the backup of electricity to run the necessary electrical types of equipment like stoke, refrigerator, and lights. You need to connect the generator with the house electric system, not with the wall outlet. Connecting to a wall outlet can pose a threat to the life of a worker trying to restore the power supply.

You can buy a portable generator or any kind of generator depending on your choice. Try to keep the generator in a ventilated place. It will allow the exhaust gases to move out of the house. Prepare for a power outage by the availability of a generator at your home.

Have a Non-Electric Standby Heater or Stove

After the power outage, the main difficulty you are going to face is the cooking of food. Having an electric stove will interrupt your cooking procedure during a power outage. Installing a non-electric standby heater or stove will resolve this problem. Choose the heater or stove that is electricity independent.

You can also warm your canned food during the outage. One good substitute is to install a solar storage system. It will store the additional electricity produced from solar energy in the battery. During a power outage, your house will easily go on this electricity for some time.

Keep Flashlight or Battery Supply in the House

Whenever the light is off either in normal routine or during a power outage- the first thing you will call out is a flashlight. The flashlight is a great source of providing enough light to do some household work, even cooking. Additionally, it provides a sense of safety.

A battery-powered or LED flashlight will be a good option to prepare for a power outage. Don’t forget to keep extra batteries in the kit. These batteries will also go a long to provide a possible source of light or running some equipments. It is interesting to know that a car charger can charge your mobile phone. Therefore, keeping extra batteries will be a good substitute to charge the devices.


Have a Supply of Non-Perishable Food and Water

If the power outage is due to the disaster, on-one knows how long it will extend. Maybe it can prolong to months in severe cases. In such a condition, food and water supply are the basic requirements to survive.

For water purification, you can keep purification tablets. Because the filtration system will be unable to perform its function. Storing one gallon per person will be enough to accomplish the needs of water for cooking and drinking.

Store some stock of non-perishable food in your house. A wide variety of such types of foods is available in the market like canned food, dried food, or energy bar. Another benefit of this food is that it will not spoil soon. Avoid opening the refrigerators again and again during a power failure.

When you are preparing your home for a power outage, a food thermometer will keep your food safe for some time.

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5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need To Know

5 Basic Self-Defense Strategies: Every Woman Need to Know

Self-defense is the act of defending yourself when someone tries to harm or attack you. Self-defense moves or techniques are legal in legislation. More specifically if we talk about women, self-defense strategies are inevitable for every woman to know. Stats show that in 2019, 406,970 women were sexually assaulted or raped in the United States. By keeping in mind all the scenarios, self-defense for women is a key to survive the condition of attack or sexual assault. There is no guarantee for your next step, what will happen either we will be saved or may be attacked by someone.  Learning self-defense strategies will give power and confidence to women to protect themselves from harm. A study from the University of Oregon found that women participating in self-defense classes feel more positive, confident, and know all the strategies to protect themselves.

If you feel a strange fear of attack or assault while walking lonely in street, you must learn these moves or techniques of self-defense for women.


1. Attack Vulnerable Parts

This is the primary and basic strategy every woman needs to know. Keep in mind, whenever you come across such a situation, keep your confidence level high. Then you can attack the vulnerable areas like the eyes, nose, throat, knees, and groin. These are the easily targeted areas regardless of the power of the attacker. One easy strategy is to hit the knees with your full power as it will lay down the attacker. During this phenomenon, you can call out for help. Attacking vulnerable areas will be fruitful and impactful as you can easily do it with great efficiency.





2. Attacking the Adam’s Apple

If you are attacked and you don’t know what to do and which move will be effective, attacking Adam’s apple will ensure your survival. Hit Adam’s apple with your fist or fingers, it will give you time to escape as the attacker will feel difficulty in breathing. If you hit with full power, it can even break Adam’s apple causing suffocation for the attacker.



3. Attack the Groin

Attacking the groin is a basic technique of self-defense for women. If you don’t have help from the surroundings and know basic techniques of self-defense, do a groin attack. It is the most effective technique and allows you to escape from the point of incidence. When the executor is at close range with you, hit the groin with a knee. The executor will be pushed behind and require time to recover his senses. The major thing is to keep yourself in power and confidence to give the attacker a good to shock or move to confront.



4. Elbow Moves

If you are unable to perform an attack on the vulnerable parts and your opponent is trying to cover you, look for an alternative like elbow strikes. Stabilize yourself as much as possible and then slightly push your leg behind to empower you. Then bend your arm and hit the elbow to his mouth, neck, cheeks, or jawline. You can easily target these parts for your self-defense. Consequently, the attacker’s grip will have loosened and you can easily escape. You can perform the elbow movement by rotating your hip to make the move more effective.



5. Defensive Move

The most common technique used by the attacker is to grab the woman from front or behind with his arms so that she could be helpless. The defensive move will allow women to escape in such a situation. If your opponent has grabbed you from front, try to attack the nose or face of the attacker with your hand. Maybe it will not work, don’t get panic, try for another move. Now, pull off the leg of the attacker by bending down, leading the attacker to lose his balance. And you will succeed in dropping down your attacker.



These are just basic self-defense for women techniques and moves which can help a woman to tackle a situation of attack with confidence and power. There is also much more to learn beyond these moves. You can join a class to learn strategies to ensure your protection, safety, and security.

So, that’s all about basic self-defense strategies for women.

Which move will you try preferably, groin kick or attacking Adam’s apple?

Either way, tell me by leaving a comment.

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How to Prepare Your Finance for Job Loss


Financial fitness is not a pipe dream or a state of mind it is a reality if you are willing to pursue it and embrace it”. Will Robinson.

Financial planning refers to the preparation of your finance and the current situation in order to achieve long-term goals.

Finance is a stair to head towards a better living: but most people don’t prepare for the future probabilities and when they encounter a specific financial condition like job loss, they can’t survive due to lack of plannings.

Stats show that the number of job losses in the UK in just the retail sector reached 140,437 by 2020. In this condition, only a person that has financial planning can tackle the job loss issue.

In this post, you will learn how to prepare your finance for job loss.

5 Important Things to Prepare your Finance for Job Loss

You need a complete pre-defined mechanism with planning’s from budget to debut to increase your ability and chances of good living in case of job loss.

It is a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone: even you. You will stand successful at the base of long-term financial planning.

These five steps will help you to lead the crisis like a leader. By keeping in mind the job loss, you can take these steps.

Eradicate Extravagant Spending and Slash your Budget

First of all, revise and look at your budget. It doesn’t matter how much you make money, but how much you keep and save it.

Most of us are spending lavishly their money on buying useless things that just make us happy, but they were not of need. This is the weak point of any wise man.

When you want to prepare your finance for job loss, immediately cut off your extra expenditures and spend money wisely.

You can slash the budget by turning off the lights, reducing air-conditioner use, or cancel magazine subscriptions, or watching online shows rather than cable or TV.

Save Money in Your Emergency Fund

Saving money in an emergency fund is the best way to prepare your finance for job loss. Open an emergency fund account in the bank and start saving money to cover your family when you will be devoid of a job.

Keep in mind that few savings of this time will keep you relaxed and satisfied in crisis. You can also use a tax refund to deposit cash in the emergency account.

Don’t go for daily dinners, increased shopping’s, attending concerts and spending’s on useless or extra things. Save and deposit all this money in your emergency account.

Release the Burden of your Debt

If you have high-interest debt, then preferably pay off all the debt. You can increase the ways of employment to release the burden of debt.

Because if you lose your job, then it will not be possible for you to pay the interest. If you have a home or good credit, you can apply for a home equity line of credit HELOC, to pay the debit card debt.

Paying off debt depends upon what kind of debt you have: either student loan or federal loan.

As short as you pay all the interest-based debt, you will feel free of the burden in case of job loss.


Make Investment in your Personal Development

Job is a temporary opportunity and you can lose it anytime without any reason too. It is a bonus tip to invest the extra money in your personal development.

Anytime you can expand your business and run it at your profit demand.

Only 1 out of 10 Americans are prepared financially, are not you 1 of that person? You should not. Whether you have little money, don’t hesitate in investing in your own business.

Manifest yourself and strive more and take actionable steps according to your present situation. This personal investment will save your drowning boat of finance when you lose a job.

Increase Networking to Build Career Opportunities

Remember, you are preparing your finance for job loss. So networking is of vital importance in this case.

Increase your network with trusted connections to introduce yourself in your respected industry and also potential openings in other career opportunities.

Regardless of what your plans are always do networking either online or offline. If you lose a job, you can immediately start another, or you can find investors for your personal development by networking.

A wise man always prepares himself for anything in life by keeping in mind the probabilities of happenings in the future.

So, that’s it for my guide to how to prepare financially for job loss.

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It is Easy to Prepare Emergency Kit

It Is Easy To Prepare Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a box that contains all the necessary and essential tools, equipment, and medication needed for survival in emergency, unseen, or life-threatening conditions. The emergency kit also known as a survival kit is easy to prepare. The kit varies in size, but its purpose is to provide the survivor with basic shelter like food, first-aid, and keep in warm and signal to rescue. You can face any sudden emergency like floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks, emergency kit will be your only source of survival until you get external help. American Red Cross recommends having an emergency kit to cope with any disaster or emergency.



Why it is Necessary to Have an Emergency Kit

48% of Americans don’t have an emergency kit or supplies, therefore it becomes difficult for them to survive in an emergency. In case you are in an emergency, then you have to survive on your own for a few days. But if you don’t have an emergency kit, your life will be in threat. Prepare an emergency kit for unseen disasters as it contains the household items and health kit needed for your survival. Few minutes that you spend in preparing an emergency kit can save your life for many days. Nearly half of the US inhabitants don’t have the resources and plans to survive in an emergency. So, it is necessary to prepare an emergency kit; it is also easy to carry and anyone can have it with him.


How to Prepare Emergency Kit

It is easy to prepare an emergency kit with a simple method. FEMA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend and provide a checklist of which items must be a part of your survival kit. It involves basic things like food, water, battery, flashlight, and most importantly first-aid-kit. Approximately 100 products will make a perfect emergency kit. Being prepared means you have an emergency kit with all the necessary items for survival. If you also want to prepare your emergency kit, here is a complete guide keeping in mind one person.



While preparing for an emergency kit, water is the first item to have. Almost every organization and instructor recommends to first include water in your survival kit. You can carry away a water bottle or a portable filtration system. The filter will be a better choice if you have a freshwater supply because your stored water will be limited soon. At least one gallon per person is required for one day’s survival of a person. But in an emergency kit, water for three days must be present for drinking, cooking, or sanitization. You can also include water purification tablets to purify the contaminated water.



CDC recommends having a supply of three days of non-perishable and easy to prepare food. Cliff bar, food energy bars, or food survivals bars of 2000 calories are integral parts of a survival kit. You can prepare an emergency kit with these food items: Meals ready to eat MRE (are specifically designed by the US to fight in combats), dry fruits, cereals, grams, roasted nuts, and high energy food bars like chocolates.  Red Cross suggests having a 3-day food supply for evacuation and a 2-weeks food supply for the home. There is great diversity for the food items that could be placed in an emergency kit like canned foods, freeze-dried meal pouches, and ration bars. It depends upon your choice of which food you want to have in your emergency kit. You can check the kit daily to replace or add food.



First Aid Kit

We can’t predict what type of emergency we can face, it doesn’t need to be limited to just food or water requirements. It is a super idea to build a first aid kit for a survival kit. You can build a first aid kit by keeping the following items: bandages, allergy medicines, antibiotic ointment, burn creams, aspirin, sunscreen, adhesive tape, surgical suture, and pain medications. These are basic first aid kit items needed for your survival. If you are a patient and on treatment, then preferably place a personal medication supply of 30 days. It will be great if you also add disinfectant pads and antibiotic cream to prepare an emergency kit.


Light and Signaling

Basically, the purpose of the survival kit is to help when we are lost or injured. It is best to have a LED light in the preparedness kit, so at night it may illuminate without electricity. At strange places, there is a threat of wild animals to attack in dark. Therefore, light LED will save us but don’t forget to keep the batteries in the kit. Headlamp or tea candles can also aid in the dark with great ease.

Distress radio beacon, signal mirror, and whistle must be an integral part of the preparedness kit. These tools will help you to signal someone for help. With the help of a distress radio beacon, you can navigate planes or ships for rescue. You can also write notes to signal for rescue, so keep the pencil and paper in the kit. The latest radios also provide light and updated weather information like hurricanes and tornadoes. When you are preparing an emergency kit, add these radios to make the strategy according to the weather. Radio can be charged by battery or USB.



Mobile Charger/Solar Charger

Always keep a handy mobile charger in the kit as 20% of Americans get emergency information from mobile apps. It is necessary to remain in touch with the world because if you get entangled in an emergency, you can be rescued. The solar charger is the option to charge devices even tablets when you don’t have access to electricity. These solar chargers can charge the devices within daylight. Rechargeable battery packs will be a good alternative if sunlight is dim to charge mobile. Never forget to keep the technological products when you are preparing an emergency kit, it will help you a lot in an emergency. Also, check the kit from time to time to ensure every technology is in good condition and not outdated or out of work.



After the basic survival things, consider keeping extra clothing. You can face any kind of emergency with hot, cold, or wind. Extra clothes will keep you warm, clean, and dry. Include an extra pair of gloves, warm clothes for insulation, and a blanket for shelter to prepare an emergency kit. You can also keep rainy coats or merino wool to remain safe from moisture. Fleece, hoodies, or puffy jackets will keep you warm in the cold season. Or you can also add clothes that are wind-resistant to the emergency kit. Hygiene items or baby wipes can also aid in survival and keeping you clean and healthy. In clothes section also include a mask to avoid any kind of allergy and pollution.


Other Tools

Despite all the above-mentioned items, there are also multi-tools that can you keep in your emergency kit. In preparing an emergency kit, you can also include a knife, hammer, ax, wrench, screwdriver, saw, plastic bag, needles, can-opener, helmet, scarf, or bulletproof armor. These multi-tools will ensure your survival in many conditions ranging from repairing clothes or equipment, cutting up trees, clearing debris, to capturing prey.

It is a bonus tip to add a copy of personal documents like ID cards, birth certificates, or licenses in a waterproof jar in the kit. Additionally, books, magazines, comics, puzzles, or games can also help in keeping the child busy in activities and away from stress.


Bottom Line

By following these suggestions, you can prepare an emergency kit for your survival. You can easily survive on the kit for three days unless you don’t get rescued or helped. It is necessary to prepare for anything and an emergency kit is also a step in its preparation.


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How to be prepared

Are you prepared? Prepared for what?

Welcome, this is what this blog will be about.

Preparedness – how to be prepared for a variety of different scenarios. Some are more common than others, some that have not yet happened some that will probably not happen. And those scenarios that would have a catastrophic outcome. 

Some possible scenarios 

  • Power outage
  • Situations in your home – Fire, burglary
  • Accidents
  • Financial
  • Natural disasters
  • Pandemic
  • When Shtf – shit hits the fan

Why prepare?

By being prepared you are more likely to handle the situation better or even prevent a serious event.

When something happens it will be better if you know what to do and have the equipment to handle the situation better. Taking small steps to become a survivor

From home to the wild

In this blog it will not only be hardcore doomsday, SHTF, bug out, living off-grid prepping. But also be prepared in everyday life. Trying to avoid small accidents and be ready when they happen. For example, would it be better to have a bandage at home, when your child falls off the bike and scrape the knee rather than having to run off to the pharmacy?

sthf=Shit hits the fan

Stay informed and plan ahead

Know what happens and knowing what to do in different scenarios is a great way to stay ahead and make necessary preparation. Staying informed, is there a big storm coming? What do I need to do? Is there a virus spreading? What can I do to be prepared?

For your and your family’s safety and well being

So why go through all this trouble making all the preparation for something that might or might not happen? 

One of the basic human needs is to feel safe and secure. It is a great feeling to know that if something happens I am prepared and I know what to keep my family and myself safe.

This blog will help you take those small steps and get started to feel more safe and secure.

By following this blog you will have taken the first step. Do you want to become a survivor?

Let us help each other, leave a comment, and share on social media.

Take the next step and see how you can start building your home emergency kit.